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Our Approach

Our center is equipped with learning tools and technology that are engaging, stimulating and relevant to the growth and development of a child. Our teacher’s focus on building relationships with their students so that they are able to assist in helping their early learner’s reach important milestones throughout their time at Jazzie’s Learning Academy. 

our classes

Our infant program focuses on special developmental milestones such as talking
a first step, smiling for the first time, and waving. Our teachers develop a bond,
safe and trusting relationship by ensuring that each of their needs are
individually met.

Our toddler classrooms are equipped to enhance young children’s developing
milestones. Toddler are encouraged to move around more such as crawling,
playing, and language. Teachers provide learning tools to enhance curiosity and
language through play, music, and exploration.


Our preschool class is a learn through play environment where cognitive, social,
and independent skills are developed. Students are in a safe and caring
environment where they have the ability to explore and gain new skills.

Our Pre-K 4 and 5 year old class is designed to encourage independence to
actively explore new forms of play. Students are provided the tools to make
decisions and express themselves. Teachers ask open ended questions to allow
for critical and thoughtful thinking.

Adventure and fun while learning

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