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Fun & Creativity


Jazzie’s Learning Academy provides students with tools and materials to explore their creative niche through dramatic play and various art stations. Art helps children grow in physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development. Through creative art young children are encouraged to use their imagination and experimentations as they invent new ways to create art.


At Jazzie’s Learning Academy music is an instrumental tool in encouraging self-
expression. When young children sing or create music, they are using all parts of the brain which inherently increases their fine motor skills. Music is universal and becomes a part of the human experience at an early age.


At Jazzie’s Learning Academy we find that movement is key because it connects the body and mind. Movement is incorporated into each of the curriculums because it helps to activate the brain. Movement helps young children to allow their brain to strengthen their coordination and in some ways repetition.


At Jazzie’s Learning Academy we believe language is the foundation for most learning. Language allows young children to make sense of the world around them, to communicate their thoughts/emotions and to understand others. At JLA, language is encouraged through direct and regular interactions. 


At Jazzie’s Learning Academy math is tool used to help children develop vital life skills.
Math encourages young children to problem solve through different means such as shapes and puzzles. Math also allows young children to think and analyze problems and situations.

Outside Play

At Jazzie’s Learning Academy outdoor play allows young children to allow their minds to take them on an adventure. Children can explore the earth around them. Outdoor play gives young children the chance to explore the natural environment and have adventures. At JLA, students have two scheduled times for outdoor play, in the morning and afternoon.

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